Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cellular technologies - revolution in treatment of a diabetes

The diabetes is widely widespread and very dangerous disease fraught with many heavy complications. The essence of disease consists in increase of concentration of glucose in blood which is not acquired in enough by cells of an organism. At many sick of a diabetes the constant hyperglycemia which leads to such illnesses, as the intimate illnesses, a progressing atherosclerosis of vessels, defeats of nerves, blindness and renal insufficiency develops.

Many diabetics become invalids because of defeat of vessels of the bottom finitenesses, so-called " diabetic stops ". At a diabetes the blood-groove in fine vessels and capillaries is broken, and vascular complications are observed at all forms of a diabetes and practically at all patients. And it sharply reduces quality of a life of patients, dooming them on sufferings.

Problem of a diabetes of 1 type that the damaged pancreas does not develop a hormone the insulin supervising a level of sugar in blood, in enough that causes the strongest weakness, often sharp growing thin, strong feeling of famine. At the given type of a diabetes имунные cells which should defend an organism from microbes, amaze cells of a pancreas making insulin, so-called бета-cells since wrongly accepts them for alien.

As a result development of insulin decreases, and the organism loses ability to take from food energy. Glucose cannot get more into cells where it is necessary, and instead of it collects in blood, amazing internal bodies. Constant introduction of preparations of insulin practises traditional treatment of this type of a diabetes.

At a diabetes 2 types, unlike 1-st, insulin is developed by cells of a pancreas, but not perceived by bodies and fabrics of an organism, they as though lose to it sensitivity. The given type of a diabetes often grows out excess weight. Traditional treatment in this case consists in decrease in a level of glucose in blood and assumes reception sugar dicreasing, and also the medicines improving blood circulation in peripheral vessels.

At a diabetes of both types appoint also physical activities and dietetic therapy. Not looking at a wide range of preparations, their efficiency in treatment of a diabetes, unfortunately, it is insufficient. It is obvious, that methods which would struggle not with symptoms are necessary for effective treatment of a diabetes of 1 type, and with the reason, i.e. would help to restore ability of a pancreas of the patient to develop own insulin.

Application regenerative, including cellular, technologies does it possible. At transplantation stem cells of a bone brain in the amazed pancreas occurs some kind of "transformation" of these cells into groups of cells, the so-called betta-cells producing insulin which quantity is lowered in a pancreas of 1 type sick of a diabetes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anticellulitis exercises.

If you are excited with a question, what simulators treat a cellulitis, the answer one. This simulator - a skipping rope. The exercise recommended at a cellulitis only one - jumps. Many sneer at this occasion. Meanwhile the skipping rope as from a cellulitis brings exercise rather and rather quite good results. Daily carrying out jumps, the cellulitis soon enough considerably will decrease. To carry out against a cellulitis of exercise - jumps, it is necessary correctly. It is necessary to jump it is low and it is equal it is so much, how many delivers to you for example 3 minutes a day.Other simulator against a cellulitis as it is regrettable, does not exist. Any simulator presented by sports halls does not cure a cellulitis. At the best physical exercises can help to prevent a cellulitis, but to destroy existing orange корку they not in forces.

Contrary to existing representations, sports exercises against a cellulitis do not help, but are capable to strengthen visually only it if you go to a sports hall with already generated defect of a fatty skin. Before exercises on simulators the cellulitis is recommended to cure or to not have it initially!

Active exercises against a cellulitis as shows an expert, forces growing muscles "to press down" as though a cellulitis up. Exercises from a cellulitis only do problem places even more worse your skin. At employment by gymnastics the cellulitis also does not leave! Strong loadings only deduce a liquid from an organism, but in any way do not act on structure of a fatty tissue. For this reason frequently physical exercises only strengthen a cellulitis. But against jumps the cellulitis cannot resist …

At a cellulitis jumps shows quite good results. But only at the earliest stages. Generated orange корку the skipping rope will not destroy, and to a leather will not return a youth and velvetiness. And endurance to be engaged in a skipping rope daily many possess not …

What is the cellulitis?

All about a cellulitis anybody does not know. The reasons of a cellulitis also are not absolutely clear. Most likely, the reasons of occurrence of a cellulitis - some factors. This chronic infringement lymph circulation, blood circulations in capillaries of a fatty layer and fibrosis - incorrectly generated conjuctive tissue.

At a cellulitis proliferatived fatty cells stir to blood circulation, and a collagenic grid - to deducing of water. Therefore do not postpone with a cellulitis struggle, having noticed its first attributes. Even the small cellulitis itself is the reason of a cellulitis, provoking its development and aggravation.
It is necessary to note, that a cellulitis (orange bark), contrary to wide to a popular belief, it not illness. The cellulitis is at everything, stages of a cellulitis differ only. If at the first stage treatment of a cellulitis is not spent, tissues receive less than enough oxygen that leads fibrosis - to formation of a connecting tissue. Fatty cells are concluded in this tissue, as in pocket. The hypostasis which first of all worsens develops lymph circulation.

So are formed small pimple is a cellulitis in a stage number two. Struggle against a cellulitis and at this stage is not begun? Pimples increase - appears so-called " orange bark ". It is a cellulitis in a stage 3. Of a cellulitis to get rid at this stage oneanticellulitis massage it is already impossible. Radical means from a cellulitis are necessary. Only complex ways of treatment of a cellulitis are capable to help. At last stage of a cellulitis the generated fibrous tissue and hypostases can even negatively.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Effective Diet.

It is very effective diet, giving greater loss of weight, almost up to 400gr in day.

1-st day - 1 litre of milk.

2-nd day - 200gr of cottage cheese and 800¼½ juice without sugar, except for grape and banana.

3-rd day - 1 litre of mineral water without gas.

4-th day - 4 potatoes boiled without salt, and 800¼½ juice without sugar, except for grape and banana.

5-th day - 5 apples.

6-th day - 200 gr the fast meat boiled without salt and 800¼½ juice without sugar, except for grape and banana.

7-th day - 1 litre of yogurt.