Friday, July 27, 2007

Hollywood diet 2007

' I all time need to behave in the form of. If I shall not be removed or play cinema, I shall turn in wildgirl ", - have admitted somehow Liz Hurley. Now it after pregnancy restores former harmony by means of the special power supply system. The diet which was chosen for itself by an actress, not wearisome and not long - only three days, but is enough of it, that the organism was in time to be cleared. Liz approves, that for this time two kgs of excess weight vanish, and the skin gets faultless color. 1 day: 7.00 - a glass of warm water with several drops of a lemon juice. 8.00 - fruit. 11.00 - salad from grated carrots, an apple, zinziber and a parsley, but without refuelling and salt. 13.00 - fruit or the vegetables prepared on pair. 16.00 - tea from a camomile and a dogrose. 19.00 - vegetables on pair, fruit. 21.00 - tea from grasses. 2 day: 7.00 - a glass of warm water with a lemon juice. 19.00 - the vegetables prepared on pair. 21.00 - grassy tea. 3 day: 7.00 - water with a lemon. 8.00 - compote from apples and plums. 11.00 - fruit or fruit juice. 13.00 - vegetables on pair and salad from fresh vegetables. 16.00 - fruit. 19.00 - vegetables on pair. 21.00 - grassy tea. The actress always combines such diet with care of skin. First wipes all body scrub, prepared of honey and stone salt. Then does "porridge" of a ripe fruit of a papaya, pineapple and leaves of an aloe, puts it from a head up to legs and
Also puts on double bathrobe a dressing gown moistened in hot water (to wring out, certainly, costs). For now the leather becomes impregnated with a curative mix, the star is engaged in manicure, a pedicure. Such procedure if it to carry out in a sauna or a turkish bath at temperature not above 45-50 degrees is very effective .

A diet of institute of cosmetics of France

All day time diet in a diet of institute of cosmetics of France makes 1300-1500 cal. At such approach growing thin goes slowly, but is constant. It is lost up to 300 gr in day. In the morning: black coffee, 50 gr breads, 50 gr cheese. The second breakfast: one apple. A dinner: 100 г meat boiled or roasted without fat (on a lattice).
Lunch snack: one apple, 100 г meat, 2 potatoes, a cup of coffee, you can add a glass of milk and 50 more gr breads.

Madonna's Diet

The secret of beauty of the Madonna is simple and severe: yoga almost round the clock and an eternal diet। superstar with participation of the personal dietician makes to itself the menu and for four weeks dumps 5 kgs। It is authorized to eat all products from integral grain, it is as much as possible vegetables and root crops, apples, pears, a fish or the hen of times in day, nuts, as seasoning - pumpkin, sunflower seeds.

To refuse to itself in sugar, meat, milk, grapes, bananas, black tea, coffee, aerated water. A breakfast: sunflower seeds, raisin and the low-fat milk, two rye bread with butter and honey. The second breakfast: carrot or a stalk of a celery. A dinner: 1 variant - vegetable soup, a grain roll, an apple. 2 variant - salad from red and white cabbage where it is added on the table spoon preserved a siliculose string bean and sweet corn.
And black raisin; to flavour with mayonnaise, grain bread. A mid-morning snack (it is possible to refuse): a cup of any lenten soup from a bag. A supper: 1-st day - a fillet of a cod, stewed in milk with a parsley, any 2-3 root crops, a baked apple. 2-nd day - roast chicken without a leather, 2-3 root crops, a slice of cheese, an apple. 3-rd day - 2 table spoons of the tinned tuna with potato in a uniform or rice, salad from an apple, raisin and six nutlets of almonds. 4-th day - roast Slices of the chicken with vegetables and nuts of cashews (the chicken it is possible to replace with rice), a baked apple. 5-th day - a fillet of the salmon, baked in an oven with three any root crops. 6-th day - a vegetable ragout from roast sweet pepper, carrots, string beans, pine nuts. To flavour with soya sauce. In 7-th day it is possible to choose any variant of a supper from listed, and with 8-th - to begin all anew.

Japanese diet.

The Japanese diet is one of the most mysterious diets which are popular now। We shall start consideration of this diet: the technique has been developed by high quality experts of clinic " yaelo ". The advertised parties and positions of the Japanese diet consist that it gives extremely high guarantee on very fast weight reduction: loss of 7-8 kg for two weeks. Will agree, not bad.

Such effective action of the Japanese diet is caused by that it is unbalanced, that is does not include the account of normal proportions of fibers, fats and carbohydrates। Diets with very small maintenance of energy have very much greater popularity because guarantee result in fast terms. But there is one lack, and it is caused by that their action недолгосрочно. During observance of the Japanese diet within 14 days in no event it is impossible to use sugar, salt, alcohol...

In the present traditional Japanese diet consists some other principle which is based on the use of traditional Japanese products: rice, a soya, a crude fish and seafoods। It is necessary to observe some simple rules owing to which you can "throw off" excess weight. First of all, it is necessary to liquidate completely bread from the nutritious diet:

Whenever possible to use only rice and products derivative of it. Secondly, very useful and important will emphasize on a fish and seafoods. And also, to not forget about a soya in its various updatings. Observing these rules, your organism will receive enough of proteins. During all term it is necessary to drink mineral water in which a plenty of calcium contains, and it is a little fruit.