Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What is the cellulitis?

All about a cellulitis anybody does not know. The reasons of a cellulitis also are not absolutely clear. Most likely, the reasons of occurrence of a cellulitis - some factors. This chronic infringement lymph circulation, blood circulations in capillaries of a fatty layer and fibrosis - incorrectly generated conjuctive tissue.

At a cellulitis proliferatived fatty cells stir to blood circulation, and a collagenic grid - to deducing of water. Therefore do not postpone with a cellulitis struggle, having noticed its first attributes. Even the small cellulitis itself is the reason of a cellulitis, provoking its development and aggravation.
It is necessary to note, that a cellulitis (orange bark), contrary to wide to a popular belief, it not illness. The cellulitis is at everything, stages of a cellulitis differ only. If at the first stage treatment of a cellulitis is not spent, tissues receive less than enough oxygen that leads fibrosis - to formation of a connecting tissue. Fatty cells are concluded in this tissue, as in pocket. The hypostasis which first of all worsens develops lymph circulation.

So are formed small pimple is a cellulitis in a stage number two. Struggle against a cellulitis and at this stage is not begun? Pimples increase - appears so-called " orange bark ". It is a cellulitis in a stage 3. Of a cellulitis to get rid at this stage oneanticellulitis massage it is already impossible. Radical means from a cellulitis are necessary. Only complex ways of treatment of a cellulitis are capable to help. At last stage of a cellulitis the generated fibrous tissue and hypostases can even negatively.

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