Friday, July 27, 2007

Hollywood diet 2007

' I all time need to behave in the form of. If I shall not be removed or play cinema, I shall turn in wildgirl ", - have admitted somehow Liz Hurley. Now it after pregnancy restores former harmony by means of the special power supply system. The diet which was chosen for itself by an actress, not wearisome and not long - only three days, but is enough of it, that the organism was in time to be cleared. Liz approves, that for this time two kgs of excess weight vanish, and the skin gets faultless color. 1 day: 7.00 - a glass of warm water with several drops of a lemon juice. 8.00 - fruit. 11.00 - salad from grated carrots, an apple, zinziber and a parsley, but without refuelling and salt. 13.00 - fruit or the vegetables prepared on pair. 16.00 - tea from a camomile and a dogrose. 19.00 - vegetables on pair, fruit. 21.00 - tea from grasses. 2 day: 7.00 - a glass of warm water with a lemon juice. 19.00 - the vegetables prepared on pair. 21.00 - grassy tea. 3 day: 7.00 - water with a lemon. 8.00 - compote from apples and plums. 11.00 - fruit or fruit juice. 13.00 - vegetables on pair and salad from fresh vegetables. 16.00 - fruit. 19.00 - vegetables on pair. 21.00 - grassy tea. The actress always combines such diet with care of skin. First wipes all body scrub, prepared of honey and stone salt. Then does "porridge" of a ripe fruit of a papaya, pineapple and leaves of an aloe, puts it from a head up to legs and
Also puts on double bathrobe a dressing gown moistened in hot water (to wring out, certainly, costs). For now the leather becomes impregnated with a curative mix, the star is engaged in manicure, a pedicure. Such procedure if it to carry out in a sauna or a turkish bath at temperature not above 45-50 degrees is very effective .

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