Friday, July 27, 2007

Madonna's Diet

The secret of beauty of the Madonna is simple and severe: yoga almost round the clock and an eternal diet। superstar with participation of the personal dietician makes to itself the menu and for four weeks dumps 5 kgs। It is authorized to eat all products from integral grain, it is as much as possible vegetables and root crops, apples, pears, a fish or the hen of times in day, nuts, as seasoning - pumpkin, sunflower seeds.

To refuse to itself in sugar, meat, milk, grapes, bananas, black tea, coffee, aerated water. A breakfast: sunflower seeds, raisin and the low-fat milk, two rye bread with butter and honey. The second breakfast: carrot or a stalk of a celery. A dinner: 1 variant - vegetable soup, a grain roll, an apple. 2 variant - salad from red and white cabbage where it is added on the table spoon preserved a siliculose string bean and sweet corn.
And black raisin; to flavour with mayonnaise, grain bread. A mid-morning snack (it is possible to refuse): a cup of any lenten soup from a bag. A supper: 1-st day - a fillet of a cod, stewed in milk with a parsley, any 2-3 root crops, a baked apple. 2-nd day - roast chicken without a leather, 2-3 root crops, a slice of cheese, an apple. 3-rd day - 2 table spoons of the tinned tuna with potato in a uniform or rice, salad from an apple, raisin and six nutlets of almonds. 4-th day - roast Slices of the chicken with vegetables and nuts of cashews (the chicken it is possible to replace with rice), a baked apple. 5-th day - a fillet of the salmon, baked in an oven with three any root crops. 6-th day - a vegetable ragout from roast sweet pepper, carrots, string beans, pine nuts. To flavour with soya sauce. In 7-th day it is possible to choose any variant of a supper from listed, and with 8-th - to begin all anew.

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